“The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi

Energy is a resource so invaluable that we just cannot imagine going through a single day without it. Yet, we are consuming energy faster than ever before. Some of the most utilised resources like coal, oil and natural gas take thousands of years to be produced and might not last very long.

Bengaluru in the spotlight – yesterday and today!

Back in 1950, Bengaluru prided itself as the first city in Asia to have electric street lighting and today, the city amounts for more than 35% of Karnataka’s demand for electricity. With an average monthly consumption of 112 units per household as against the national average of 90 units, it is evident that the city needs to explore alternative energy sources to tackle its unbridled energy consumption.

Generating the power to save energy. Creating the city of the future.

While we are all aware of turning off lights or appliances when not in use and other such simple ways to reduce energy consumption around the household, it is more important that we now act together as a community. By adopting energy efficient practices in our neighbourhoods and at the workplace, we initiate a larger positive impact and ensure a sustainable ecosystem for tomorrow.

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we have laid out an action plan to reduce our carbon footprint while upping our energy efficiency throughout the township. From being new-age electric vehicle friendly to the mindful use of renewable energy sources, this future-ready township is focused on not only using energy efficiently but also effectively.

Electrifying change. Elevating convenience.

While there is a growing demand for green transport options, many Bengalureans are trading their current combustion engine vehicles for electric vehicles (EVs) or just investing in EVs as an alternative means of short distance or last-mile commute. These new-age vehicles have several advantages over conventional vehicles the most prominent being energy efficiency.

We, at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia are making sure EV charging points are made available all around the township. The number of these changing points will far exceed that what has been mandated by the Government so that a larger part of the community will have easy access to this innovative feature.

Harvesting the sun. Illuminating the earth.

As common knowledge goes, the sun is one of the chief sources of energy available on earth. The energy choices we make today impact the earth's natural systems tomorrow in ways we cannot fathom. Thus, it is essential that we choose our energy sources wisely and with great care. With reduced dependence on conventional energy and continuous innovation, it is solar powered lighting that is fast gaining popularity as a green alternative to traditional lighting.

Over 90% of all common areas at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia will be illuminated using roof top solar panels. With added innovative features like automation timers and motion sensors, this lighting system will not only ensure energy efficiency but also add to the benefit of convenience for residents. Tapping deeper into this renewable source of energy, we will also bring the power of the sun right into your home in the form of solar water heaters. With around 100 litres of hot water produced per unit, the top 2 floors in every residential block are ensured a running supply of hot water all year round.

Driving change. Moving a whole community forward.

While energy security and climate protection goals take top priority today, it is important that we as a community also explore efficient commuting systems that run on clean energy. In this regard, driving behavioural change is what will keep us ahead of the curve.

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we will virtually change the way people move because we believe that mobility isn’t just a way to get around, but a reflection of our outlook towards the environment. An eco-friendly, electric ‘people mover system’ will help our residents get around the community easily if they prefer not to walk. This not only would prove to be highly energy efficient but also would be easily accessible to everyone around the township.

No gain. No pain of losing your cool.

You’ve probably wondered why some days it feels like stepping into a steam room even though the air conditioning at home is full blast. This is due to a natural phenomenon known as heat gain. Heat gain is the solar radiation absorbed by your home that offsets the effects of your air conditioning system and increases overall energy consumption.

Every building at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is designed to minimise heat gains in order to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature indoors. As windows are the main reason for heat gains at home, we will ensure an optimal window to external wall ratio that allows for natural ventilation.

While the rooftop landscaping, pergolas and clay tiles on the terrace will keep homes on the higher floors cool, the dense foliage of shade providing trees, evaporative cooling through Bioswales and water ponds will reduce heat gains in the lower floors.

Apart from ensuring that all balconies are inset so as to reduce the heat gain in adjoining rooms, the overhangs on windows and use of lighter colour wall paints will provide for cooler interiors while reducing energy consumption and easing the load on your utility bill.

Turning thoughts into actions. Turning actions into solutions.

When it comes to sustainable living, it is all about empowering ourselves with not just solutions for today but to take on the future. Thus, creating a place that not just believes in making a difference but where every member of the community lives a lifestyle that’s truly sustainable.

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we envision being energy efficient right to the smallest details like the use of VFD Pumps and gearless elevators among other larger initiatives to maintain the desired level of energy efficiency. Because when we reduce energy consumption, we are actually saving it for the future.

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