Smart Community

Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is an urban universe which leverages digital infrastructure to improve the quality of life of residents and businesses. The effort has been to create a smart community which offers maximum convenience, security and comfort, while constantly expanding to make it more relevant for the future and enabling the connected citizen’s mind-set.

brigade cornerstone utopia smart community

Connectivity & Mobility

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we believe that mobility isn’t just a way to get around, but a reflection of our outlook towards the environment. Smart traffic planning strives to connect all spaces within the township through a seamless end-to-end journey experience. Traffic movement will be confined to the periphery (except in case of emergency), allowing young and old to enjoy a safer environment along the central spine of the project. An eco-friendly ‘people mover system’ will help our residents get around the community easily if they prefer not to walk.

brigade cornerstone utopia smart community - Connectivity & Mobility
brigade cornerstone utopia smart community - Integrated and Adaptable

Integrated and Adaptable

Safe, uniquely designed multi-modal transit options, well designed outdoor human interaction spaces, creative, bold and provocative landscapes for special events and engaging social interactions.

Authentic and Sustainable

Rain gardens, bioswales, permeable pavers and on-site storage cisterns to minimise storm water run-off and ensure sustainability. An ideal, safe ecosystem for flora and fauna to thrive and prosper to promote ecological balance and longevity of the residential landscape.

brigade cornerstone utopia smart community - Authentic and Sustainable

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