Our functional yet spacious 2, 2.5 and 3-bedroom homes at Tranquil Block offer heightened peace of mind. You’ll experience a view that towers over the integrated township and shows off breath-taking landscapes including the sophisticated spine of this futuristic city. With a bouquet of luxurious amenities thoughtfully positioned around you, you are guaranteed a new way of life that is harmoniously peaceful and encourages community interaction.

Launched in Feb 2020, Tranquil Block has garnered an overwhelming response from home buyers even in the new normal times. This probably goes to show that people are consciously looking to upgrade to a new way of life that is centred on community living. And Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is their neighbourhood of choice.

Making it easier for home buyers to zero down on their decision of owning a new home, we have gone ahead walked the last mile to connect with them online. Thus, ensuring contactless transaction through an online booking platform that enables virtual tours, video conferencing and digital signatures. Because when it comes to our customers peace of mind, happiness and well-being, we leave no stone unturned.

If in case you have any queries or clarifications, please do get in touch with our team. And we would be happy to assist you.

Experience a touch of European flair with Brigade's 24-acre project, featuring expansive green spaces and Spanish-style homes, offering a relaxed yet spontaneous living experience at Brigade Valencia.