Picture yourself practising yoga in absolute oneness with nature while the fragrances of flowers elevate your senses. Stroll over to the beautiful butterfly garden nearby and indulge in nature in all its myriad colours. Experience a community that takes pleasure in growing its own herbs and vegetables while not just believing in coexistence but thriving together. Just imagine all the oxygen that your neighbourhood Urban Forest with over 16,000 trees of 59 indigenous species will generate. This isn’t a dream. This is a breathing reality. And it is all happening here at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia. We are creating an ecosystem that celebrates clean air and pristine surroundings all through the 47 acre township.

“Rebalance” – open up to the lingering breeze

Most often to avoid the polluted outdoors, we prefer to stay indoors, within the safety of our homes. We tend to believe that the air inside is better than the quality of air outside. But what we don’t realise is that without proper ventilation and sunlight this air too turns impure and becomes a breeding ground for allergens.

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, our homes are aesthetically designed to bring in the elements of nature while elevating your family's health and comfort. The huge, strategically placed windows would not only ensure well-ventilated interiors and ample sunlight but add to the charm of the interiors. By adopting ingenious design and employing architectural best practices, we will ensure that all residential blocks are 42 metres apart from each other. This will help your home rid itself of moisture, cooking odours, indoor pollutants, and bring in fresh air.

“Hush the rush” – breathe in the crisp utopian air

Typically, vehicular emissions are among the top causes of air pollution around high density corridors. We have all experienced traffic congestions during rush hours and know how environmentally damaging they are.

The eco-conscious sensibilities we have employed while planning Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, ensure that you are comfortably distanced from any pollution. Traffic movement within the township will be confined to the periphery, allowing young and old to enjoy a safer environment along the central spine of the project. An eco-friendly ‘people mover system’ will help you get around the community while the ramp at the entrance will directly guide vehicles underground to keep the air above the ground emission-free. Plus, the lush foliage along the periphery will sequester carbon by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it into oxygen.

“Air-O-matic” - Technology that makes life a breeze

We are all aware of the wonders technology has brought to our lives. But did you know that it can help in assessing the level of pollution in relation to the ambient air quality standards? Yes, the effective use of cutting-edge equipment truly elevates the quality of life.

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we are taking ample measures to ensure that the air within the project is of optimum quality when compared to the air outside. Apart from a huge expanse of greenery that naturally purifies the atmosphere; an ambient air quality monitoring system will be set up across the project.

Although the pristine environment here urges you to take a stroll or jog any time you desire, this App-based monitoring system will enable real-time access to information on the quality of air and the best time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

“Aah-room-aah” – homes where the air smells fresh

Ever walked into a freshly painted room? Remember the distinctive chemical smell, irritated eyes, nose, throat, feeling lightheaded etc. This is because conventional paint and turpentine release fumes that contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that are known to be hazardous to health.

To combat this situation, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia has taken several measures that will let you enjoy your new home without any of the harmful effects. All paint that will be used contains a significantly lower percentage of VOCs when compared to any conventional paint. Also, substances like turpentine and varnish used on wood are all administered at an off-site facility to ensure that only the finished products make their way into your apartment. Because at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, it is our attention to detail and deep understanding of the smallest nuances that make life truly comfortable.

“Fresh Future” - Clean air, healthy hearts and a happy community

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, our priority is to ensure an ecosystem that thrives. From planting trees throughout the township to mindful interior design, from an air monitoring system to eco-conscious master planning, we are aiming to create one of Bengaluru’s greenest communities.

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