Because the children of tomorrow will thank us for the footsteps we leave behind
Is carbon footprint as real as it sounds?

Every one of us on this earth has one. And it is an undeniable part of our urban lifestyle. It is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through our day-to-day activities – from taking a morning shower to driving to work. Typically, the majority of our carbon footprints come from transportation, food and housing. Almost everything we do releases a certain amount of carbon into the atmosphere. This means that we can augment our carbon footprint by being more conscious of the choices we make on a daily basis. The commute system we use, the kind of energy resources we use at home, the kind of food we eat and how it is cooked etc. It’s all in the way we think. What we do. And how we act.

Thinking on our feet. Making a clear difference.

We, at Brigade have always strived to be thought leaders in the real estate industry when it comes to sustainability and being ecologically conscious. As catalysts of change who are constantly taking a forward leap to reduce our carbon footprint and increase biodiversity in every project, we have been making continuous efforts to be sustainable across the communities we have developed. In doing so, we have inspired progressive thinking and brought about positive behavioural changes among the people living in these Brigade communities. Thus, ensuring a sustainable future for everyone.

Coming home to a sustainable community like Brigade Cornerstone Utopia will be a trendsetting experience. Envisioned to be a thoughtfully designed mixed-use township, we have embarked on a mission to be more conscious of our carbon footprint. With a focus on reducing consumption patterns, be it electricity, fuel or water, we are investing in innovative initiatives across the spectrum to ensure residents enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle upgrade and a sustainable future.

Stepping into the future. Starting a new flow of thought.

Ever realised ‘Water Wonderful World’ we live in? Yet, we quite often aren’t mindful of how much this resource means to us. With water conservation methods like rainwater harvesting, water recycling and water metering, we will ensure security & stewardship of water at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia while also achieving our carbon footprint goals.

The rainwater collected from rooftops will be treated and tested, making it safe for potable use. Separately, all the surface run-off water will be used to recharge groundwater and replenish other supplies of water. By doing so, we can save 5,720 Kilolitres of water every year, that equates to 954 water tankers and a massive reduction in our carbon footprint.

When it comes to water recycling, we’ll be using a high-tech Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) plant to accomplish this. After being treated and meticulously tested for purity, this treated water will be used for landscaping and for flushing in toilets. Just by doing this, we can save 1,34,882 Kilolitres of water or 22,480 water tankers every year. This means that in the process of securing our need for water self-sufficiency, we are also significantly shrinking our carbon footprint that would have been produced by procuring water from external sources.

One of the most common causes of water wastage is leaky or faulty bathroom and kitchen sink fixtures. At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we will make sure low flow aerators that disburse water smartly and prevent the wastage of water to a large extent are made a standard fixture in every home. This alone could save 54,390 Kilolitres or 9,065 water tankers every year. Also, as part of our utility management protocol we will have a smart water metering system in place. This system would guarantee residents reduced water wastage by monitoring water consumption and rectifying leakages. Making every drop count, this smart metering system will save roughly 24,932 Kilolitres of water or 4,155 water tankers every year. Thus, reducing the load on utility bills and having a positive impact on the community’s carbon footprint.

*All data mentioned is only for Eden and Serene towers.

The cleaner we think. The clearer we see. The lesser we waste.

Today, with landfills everywhere choking up with waste, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia’s comprehensive waste management system would ensure that 90% of the waste generated within the township is either recycled, composted or incinerated. And only about 10% which is all inert debris would reach landfills. This would help protect the environment, improve public health and reduce our carbon footprint considerably.

Beginning with waste-segregation at the source, we will have separate bins for organic/wet waste, dry waste, e-waste, medical and sanitary waste in every block. This will ensure that only a minimal amount of waste (mainly comprising of debris) gets picked up by the municipal services and gets transported to landfills.

While we might never be able to rewind time, it’s never too late to rethink our future and recycle the waste we generate today. This is why, we at, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia are putting waste to good use. All dry waste like plastics, tin, cardboard and electronic items will be sent to an external recycling unit instead of ending up in landfills where it produces harmful greenhouse gases.

As far as organic waste is concerned, both kitchen scraps and garden litter will be composted on site at the Organic Waste Composting Unit. And the resultant compost will be used for landscaping and to preserve the greenery within the community. Just by composting waste, we will not only be naturally enriching the soil, but also reducing our dependence on commercial chemical fertilizers that come with a huge carbon footprint.

Additionally, certain forms of waste like sanitary and medical waste are not recyclable or compostable. So, how do we dispose them safety without impacting our carbon footprint? This is where we use an industrial incinerator to safely dispose of all the hazardous sanitary waste such as diapers and sanitary napkins. Also, medical waste such as used bandages, syringes and expired medicines will be handed over to affiliate hospitals for sanitised incineration.

The path we choose today. The power to change the course of the future.

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we strive to be conscious of our carbon footprint, through a number of energy efficiency initiatives within the township. From being new-age electric vehicle friendly to the mindful use of renewable energy sources, from an eco-friendly commute system to adopting architectural best practices that reduce household energy consumption, we are focused on changing the way we consume energy. And have a positive impact on the environment.

In an attempt to drive change while moving an entire community forward, we will be adopting green transport practices. This would include an electric ‘people mover’ system and electric vehicle charging points for the convenience of those who opt not to use regular combustion engine vehicles. Both of which will encourage residents to make a conscious choice while reducing the overall carbon emission within the township. Because at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we don’t just talk the talk but actually walk the walk when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

Harvesting the energy of the sun is one of the most efficient ways of lowering our carbon footprint. With a solar water heating system in residential blocks for the top 2 floors, rooftop solar panels to power common areas, automated timer controlled lighting fixtures and motion sensor LED lights in common areas, the community will consume substantially less electricity. And considerably cut down on the dependency on conventional power sources.

The architecture of every building at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia takes into account adequate spacing and other design sensibilities to minimise heat gains in a home. From strategically placed windows with overhangs, optimal window to external wall ratio that ensure cross ventilation to inset balconies that reduce heat gains in adjoining rooms, the design practices we will adopt would provide for natural temperature regulation. Thus, reducing the need for prolonged use of air conditioners. This not only eases the load on the utility bill for residents, but also helps in shrinking the community’s carbon footprint.

Stepping into a brighter future. Leaving behind greener footprints.

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, every minute detail is thoughtfully planned to create a sustainable way of life that we would like to call the ‘Utopian Life’. Reducing as much carbon emissions as possible and offsetting the remaining by planting trees and initiating alternative energy efforts facilitate us in minimising the negative effects of carbon footprints.

Living in an eco-conscious township that’s one of its kind, could unfold a whole lot of experiences that one never thought possible. Like stepping into the neighbourhood urban forest or growing one’s own micro greens in the community garden. While the lush greenery all around the township will set the soul free, it would also help to sequester carbon dioxide and naturally purify the atmosphere. While one could stroll through the pristine central spine of the township without worrying about traffic, it is thoughtfulness that comes through in keeping carbon emissions away by restricting vehicular movement to the peripheral areas only.

Every step of the way at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, one is assured an environmentally conscious lifestyle that’s so multi-dimensional, no one would ever believe us. Yes, the ‘Utopian Life’ is full of possibilities. But the intent remains only one – to create a community that celebrates and preserves life in every form.

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