That’s how our neighbourhood urban forest celebrates its 1st birthday

Over 12,000 trees in just a year. Now, that’s something that we never ever imagined. What started out to be a vision a year ago has fructified into a microcosm of a forest – your very own neighbourhood urban forest. And it was only possible thanks to your support, enthusiasm and participation in our plantation drives conducted throughout the past one year. Every time a tree is grown, it not only gives us hope for a greener tomorrow, but also encourages us to go beyond what we initially set out to achieve.

The Urban Forest at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is envisaged to be an edge habitat and our answer to the increasing constraint of land and urban societies in the 21st Century. It is well on its way to being a green oasis that really needs to be experienced.

Our eco-partner, Vanantara has been the driving force behind this green endeavour of ours. Varun Ravindra, founder of Vanantara and his team have been doing everything possible to protect nature and act as a model for reversing climate change. While Urban forests are not a replacement for traditional forests, they offer the best alternative to traditional landscape solutions that have been adopted in cities over the last few decades, and while we may not live within forests as our ancestors once did, Urban Forests are a way of bringing a slice of raw nature back into our everyday lives.

This Urban Forest at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia will soon be an ecological delight for the larger community of Whitefield. Thus, transforming it into a greenfield corridor for everyone.

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