The production of waste is common across every household in Bengaluru. Everybody produces different kinds of waste in different quantities every day. Most of this waste ends up in landfills, garbage dumps or even on roads and empty plots of land. Proper management of waste is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to help protect the environment, improve public health, and create a more sustainable future. The government has realized the importance of proper waste management and has implemented several rules and guidelines for waste management in recent years. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia always goes the extra mile when saving the environment is involved. We intend to establish a comprehensive waste management system that appropriately manages every kind of waste produced within the community.

Not all waste is meant to be wasted.

The first step in any efficient waste management system is the proper segregation of waste. The entire waste produced is usually dumped together in the same areas with little or no segregation whatsoever. This unsegregated waste piles up in different landfills across the country harming the environment in several different ways. Today, we are advanced in terms of utilizing technology for proper waste management. These technologies can be put to good use and in turn save money. Through recycling and composting alone, we can help protect the environment while reaping in the benefits.

Separating the good, the bad, and the ugly.

At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we adapt our lifestyles to gain results that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Waste collected from the entire 47-acre campus will be segregated thoroughly based on type. After all the waste has been separated into dry waste, wet waste, medical waste, sanitary waste, e-waste and debris, every bit of this segregated waste will be discarded properly and efficiently. This meticulous separation will have numerous benefits including proper composting which can help us grow more vegetation and greenery. This segregation of waste will positively impact the lives of residents as well as the everyday jobs of municipal corporation workers who otherwise separate the waste by hand while collecting it or while dumping it at the landfills.

Recycling from useless to useful.

A lot of the waste that people produce is dry waste, this includes non-biodegradable items like plastic and tin, as well as materials like cardboard and paper which can be recycled and reused instead of ending up in landfills. The same goes for e-waste or electrical items that are no longer functional and need to be thrown away. By simply recycling this e-waste and dry waste, a lot of useful components can be salvaged and even reused. It is a common fact that nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists in some form or the other. By recycling these, we can protect the environment, save space in landfills, and ensure that our waste is not really wasted. Every block in Brigade Cornerstone Utopia will have different collection bins for dry waste and e-waste which will be collected regularly and sent to an external recycling unit.

From worthless waste into special soil.

Brigade Cornerstone Utopia walks the walk and will use organic waste composting units on site. All the wet waste produced by the entire smart integrated township can be composted and used to grow fruits and vegetables. Residents who have a passion for gardening will have a community garden where they can nurture fruits, vegetables, and other kinds of plants. The compost produced will enhance the soil in the community garden and help grow different kinds of vegetation all around the campus. This composting system will leave zero wet waste and can convert garden waste into its basic and useful elements. Garden waste such as branches or thick bushes will be shredded on site before they are composted into life-giving soil. By using this technology, the mini eco-system can be maintained well, and the produce will remain healthy and bountiful allowing everybody to enjoy the benefits of a greener lifestyle.

Burning with a passion for the environment.

There are some types of waste that can’t really be recycled or composted, namely sanitary and medical waste. To dispose of this hazardous waste, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia will use an incinerator that can burn away all sanitary waste such as diapers, sanitary napkins, band aids, and earbuds without leaving behind any harmful residue. As proper medical waste like used bandages, syringes, and leftover medicinal waste are complicated to appropriately discard, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia will have special medical waste collection bins at each block which will then be handed over to affiliate hospitals for sanitized incineration. These methods are ideal for disposing of hazardous wastes without any dangerous side effects. A tiny percentage of all waste is debris that will be collected by the municipal corporation and put in landfills. This debris will comprise of a maximum of 10% of the waste and will be the only waste that goes into landfills.

A cleaner and greener future.

Brigade Cornerstone Utopia has always been a trailblazer in creating a greener future and protecting the environment. Proper waste management is one of the many ways that this has been proven time and time again. Thanks to the different avenues of waste management, all kinds of waste will be competently managed and discarded. Creating a better way of life with sensible waste management would surely bring about several benefits for residents everywhere and give rise to a brighter world and a cleaner environment.

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