Water Scarcity to Water Security.

Considering the present state of consumption and depletion of water as a natural resource, striking a balance in the ecosystem is undeniably the need of the hour. As Whitefield is establishing itself as the Silicon Valley of Bengaluru, there are a lot of IT Hubs in the surrounding areas. This growth of infrastructure eventually leads to rapid urbanization which increases the consumption of water on a regular basis. Though governments and non-profit organizations have taken several initiatives towards saving water, there is still a lot that everyone can do as individuals and as organizations towards achieving ‘water security’.

Inspiring Change.

Brigade as a group has always been on the front foot in terms of being resourceful when it comes to conserving natural resources. While constantly striving to reduce its carbon footprint and increase biodiversity in every project, a tremendous impact has been made in neighbourhoods across Bengaluru. Brigade has also inspired serious and positive behavioural change among the people living in these neighbourhoods.

The Stalwarts of Water Stewardship.

A 47-acre futuristic integrated township in the making, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is gearing up to take water conservation practices to the next level. Using an eclectic mix of traditional best practices and the innovative use of new age technology, a blueprint has been drawn out to make every drop truly count. Instead of looking for new ways to acquire more water, we decided to utilize the existing water to its highest potential. By not extracting any more water than is needed, and by recharging our own groundwater supply using surface run-off rainwater, we are able to continuously save more water while reducing its demand and wastage.

Rainwater Harvesting - a Simple Strategy with a Huge Impact.

Over the years, our dependence on monsoons as a guaranteed source of water hasn’t proven to be very promising. When rain does fall however, a lot of the water tends to get wasted or serves no real purpose before it evaporates. To make full use of the water that is naturally available to us, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia has installed a state-of-the-art rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System that can hold double the capacity of the normal design requirement.

Whenever it rains, the water will be collected from the rooftops through pipes and then filtered and stored on the ground. This water will then be treated and tested, making it safe for drinking or cooking. Separately, all the surface run-off water will be diverted into the ponds, gardens, bio-swales, and even into groundwater pits across the township that recharge the groundwater supply and ensure that this water can even be saved for future use. Using rainwater to recharge the groundwater supply also saves water by drastically reducing the usage of freshwater. Across the Eden and Serene towers, these innovative systems can save 5,720 Kilolitres of water every year, that equates to 954 water tankers worth of water being saved in a single year.

Because Water Efficiency Begins at Home.

Surprisingly, there’s a lot that we can do at home to save water. One of the most common causes of water wastage is leaky faucets at home. Normal fixtures waste a lot of water during usage. At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, low flow aerators will be a standard fixture in every home. These low flow aerators will disburse water smartly and prevent the wastage of water to a large extent. The Eden and Serene towers will save over 54,390 Kilolitres or 9,065 water tankers worth of water every year with these advanced fixtures. With the introduction of a comprehensive water metering system or a smart meter as part of Brigade Cornerstone Utopia’s utility management protocol, residents are guaranteed great savings and peace of mind. These meters will connect to an app on your phone and tell you about your precise usage of water, it will also alert you immediately if there is a leak. Making every drop count, this smart meter is all set to save roughly 24,932 Kilolitres of water or 4,155 water tankers worth of water across the Eden and Serene towers every single year.

Recycling to Replenish the Water Cycle.

In the wake of the once abundant natural water resources depleting at an alarming rate, effective water recycling can ensure water security for the future. At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we use a high-tech Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) plant to recycle wastewater. After being treated and meticulously tested for purity, this treated water is used for purposes like landscaping and for flushing in toilets. Recycling this wastewater alone will amount to 1,34,882 Kilolitres of water or 22,480 water tankers worth of water being saved every year across the Eden and Serene towers. This not only secures our present-day need for water but also leaves the maximum amount of water possible for future generations.

Three Times the Efficiency. Three Times the Peace of Mind.

Conventionally, all the construction designs have a single outflow system for mixed grey and black water. But at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we bring you the advantage of a Triple Plumbing System that makes the household water supply efficient. While the domestic water supply from tankers, municipal supply and borewells reaches the kitchen, there is a separate piping system for treated grey water that is used for flushing in toilets. It is the future-ready piping setup from the Ultra Filtration unit that will be used for washing and bathing that forms the third piping system. This unique system not only reduces the demand for fresh water and monthly water utility cost in every household but also caters to the future needs of the entire community at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia.

Securing the Future for a Greener, Brighter Living.

Smart townships are eco-neighbourhoods too. But at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we’re taking things a notch higher to create one of Bengaluru’s only self-sustained townships. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is truly envisioned to be an ‘extraordinary’, ‘adaptable’ & ‘authentic’ ecosystem of the future where communities will thrive and celebrate life to the fullest.

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